Camp Smart & Save

Raise Happier and Healthier Kids

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We help  you put together your ideal family tent camping setup without the beginner blunders and bloopers. 

Our Aim

We want to break down the barriers to camping

Unlike in the good old days, many families are now living in smaller properties with ever decreasing backyards, if indeed there is one.

But, when you look at the campgrounds, most families tow something - trailers, camper trailers, caravans or RV's.

Which is great for them, but not for those for whom trailers are not an option. 

That's where we step in! 

Image of car packed and 3 setups

What we do

We help you gear up for camping

We provide customisable framework in which you can put together your ideal tent camping setup to help you travel safely, camp comfortably, and most of all, have a great time.

We specialise in helping families of up to 5 to camp comfortably and travel safely trailer free - that is without the need for any kind of trailer or caravan - but our framework is suited to any kind of tent camper.

Save time

With our checklists and cheat sheets, you will save tons of time by following our lead rather than trying to learn it all yourself via the trial and error method.

Save money

You will also save loads of money by avoiding the guessing game of picking out the right gear for you.  With our all-in-one solution, we show you what you need and where to find it.

Kids & Family

Camping is sooo good for kids on so many levels - independence, self-esteem, family bonding, confidence, getting them off the screens and into the great outdoors doing something they love.

why we do it

We’ve been there

Our early family camping experience was a memorable one, for all of the wrong reasons.

After a week long camping holiday of solid rainfall with our then five month old son, we realised the importance of an effective camping setup to cater for all weather conditions.

More precisely, we realised how inadequate our recently purchased six person dome tent was in the face of a week of solid rain amounting to almost 100 mls.

OUR programs

Programs to suit all campers

Camping Kickstart Program

This program is all about helping you to put together the kind of camping setup to rival that of most tent camping setups. The primary roadmap consists of 8 steps:

  1. Planning Your Perfect Setup
  2. Getting there: Choosing The Right Car
  3. Camping Setup – Your Kickstarter Kit
  4. Packing the Car
  5. Your Home Storage Solution
  6. Let’s Go Camping – Preparing for Camping Checklist
  7. Pitching and Packing Up
  8. Arriving Home
You also receive access to over 70 and counting articles covering every aspect of tent camping to make your camping experience enjoyable, from the weather, health and safety, tips and hacks, choosing the right car, packing the car, eco-friendly camping, and more.

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Camping Setup Essentials

The Camping Setup Essentials Program covers just the physical camping setup and putting that together, including:

  1. PLAN YOUR PERFECT SETUP: Our planning workbook will help you decide what kind of camping setup suits you.
  2. CHOOSE FROM 8 CAMPING SETUP INSPIRATIONS: Or come up with your own combination.
  3. "WALK" THROUGH OUR KICKSTARTER KIT: This is the setup the program is based on, but feel free (within the spirit of the program) to add your own touch.
  4. DEVELOP A SPENDING PLAN: Calculate how much it is likely to cost and budget accordingly.
  5. START A PACKING CHECKLIST: Personalise your packing checklist to suit you.
  6. GUILT FREE SHOPPING SPREE: Armed with a list of what you need, it's time to start getting it all together.

Ideal for all car-based camping beginners who like to DIY without all of the trial and error. 

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The 1Hour Pack

How to pack for camping in one hour and not 10+

Does it take hours and hours if not days to pack for camping?

Catch that great weather forecast and enjoy the freedom to be able to head off into the great outdoors with the family for a quick camping getaway. 

That is, whenever you like, super fast, with one hour notice instead of 10+.

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Kickstart express

Don't have the time to do it all yourself?

Call us to discuss how we can help you with the whole camping thing so you can concentrate on the important things.

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Our Camping Code

Comfortable, safe and responsible camping

  • We care about the environment and aim to leave no trace
  • We aim to buy well and buy once
  • We are considerate of local cultures and communities, fellow campers and our hosts
  • We are safety and budget conscious, and resourceful
  • We love the great outdoors and enjoy the simple pleasures
  • We like to have fun and focus on family and friends and meeting new like-minded people

Why Go With One Of Our Programs?

Apart from the many benefits of camping in general, this is why you should go with one of our programs.

Avoid the trial and error that goes with gearing up for camping the DIY way

Build a family camping setup customised to suit you and your family

Don't spend spend hours and hours researching social media, videos and blog posts

Save time and money by going with a tried and tested but customised solution

Travel safely knowing you have the right vehicle and have packed it safely

Get started now and be camping like a pro in as little as 28 days (or less)

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