Helping busy parents to equip themselves for camping so they can:

✔ Raise more resilient and adventurous kids

✔ Build stronger bonds

✔ escape the rat race

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Our aim

To help break down the barriers

to camping for families

Unlike in the good old days, many families are now living in smaller properties with ever decreasing backyards, if indeed there is one.

But, when you look at the campgrounds, most families tow something - trailers, camper trailers, caravans or RV's. Which is great for them, but not for those for whom trailers are not an option. 

That's where we step in!


We help families to equip themselves

for camping trailer free

We provide customisable framework in which you can put together your ideal tent camping setup to help you travel safely, camp comfortably, and most of all, have a great time.

We specialise in helping families of up to 5 to camp comfortably and travel safely trailer free - that is without the need for any kind of trailer or caravan - but our framework is suited to any kind of tent camper.

OUR programs

Programs to suit all campers

Camping Setup Essentials: Helping you put together your ideal car-based camping setup

Ideal for all car-based camping beginners who like to DIY without all of the trial and error.


This program covers just the physical camping setup and putting that together, including:

  1. Planning your perfect setup
  2. Choosing from over 8 camping setup inspirations
  3. A "walk" through our kickstarter kit
  4. Developing a spending plan
  5. Staring a packing checklist
  6. Your guilt free shopping spree

Also includes:

  • Lifetime access
  • All future plan updates
  • Full credit with Kickstart or Express Program sign ups within 72 hours

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Camping Kickstart Program: Our one stop shop for camping trailer free. Includes your ideal camping setup, your ideal car, how to pack it and how to camp.

Ideal for car based camping families who want to camp trailer free with support.

This program is all about helping you to put together the kind of camping setup to rival that of most tent camping setups.

The primary roadmap consists of 8 steps:

  1. Planning Your Perfect Setup
  2. Getting there: Choosing The Right Car
  3. Camping Setup – Your Kickstarter Kit
  4. Packing the Car
  5. Your Home Storage Solution
  6. Let’s Go Camping – Preparing for Camping Checklist
  7. Pitching and Packing Up
  8. Arriving Home

Also includes:

 Everything in Camping Setup Essentials

> 12-month access to the Campus including:

  • Monthly group Q&A sessions
  • Entire Campus library of over 70 resources
  • Camping Kickstart Roadmap
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Full credit with Kickstart Express sign up at any time
  •  50% discount on monthly Campus membership after 12 months

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Kickstart express: Don't have time to do it yourself? Let us help.

Don't have the time to do it all yourself?

Call us to discuss how we can help you with the whole camping thing so you can concentrate on the important things.


  • Tailored "done with you" solution.
  • Suitable for all tent campers
  • Guided 28-day program or go at your own pace 
  • 2*45 minute one-on-one sessions
  • Members only private Facebook group - lifetime access
  • Lifetime access to Campus membership - (currently full price $20 per month after 12 months - LIMITED TO 50 SIGN-UPS)
  • BONUS starter pack
  • Let's talk about your additional requirements

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The 1Hour Pack: Be packed and "gone camping with the kids" in one hour instead of 10.

If packing for camping takes you hours and hours,  if not days, then you need the 1Hour Pack.

We show  you how you can be packed and on the road in just 1Hour of packing time in 5 simple steps.

Catch that great weather forecast and enjoy the freedom to be able to head off into the great outdoors with the family for a quick camping getaway. 

That is, whenever you like, super fast, with one hour notice instead of 10+.

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Why Go With One Of Our Programs?

Apart from the many benefits of camping in general, this is why you should go with one of our programs.

Avoid the trial and error that goes with gearing up for camping the DIY way

Build a family camping setup that is customised to suit you and your family

Don't spend hours and hours researching

 social media, videos and blog posts

Save time by going with a tried and tested but customised solution rather then DIY

Save money by avoiding the guessing game and buying tried and tested gear

Travel safely knowing you have the right vehicle and have

packed it safely

Get started now and be camping like a pro in as little as 28 days (or even less)

Be part of a like-minded community and share your

tips and advice