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We help  you put together your ideal family tent camping setup without the beginner blunders and bloopers. Our Trailer-Free Framework is ideal for families of up to 4-5, including urban families, beginner campers and those wishing to leave the trailers, camper trailers and caravans behind. 

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Comfortable, safe and responsible camping

  • We care about the environment and aim to leave no trace
  • We aim to buy well and buy once
  • We are considerate of local cultures and communities, fellow campers and our hosts
  • We are safety and budget conscious, and resourceful
  • We love the great outdoors and enjoy the simple pleasures
  • We like to have fun and focus on family and friends and meeting new like-minded people

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Why Go With One Of Our Programs?

Apart from the many benefits of camping in general, this is why you should go with one of our programs.

Avoid the trial and error that goes with gearing up for camping the DIY way

Build a family camping setup customised to suit you and your family

Don't spend spend hours and hours researching social media, videos and blog posts

Save time and money by going with a tried and tested but customised solution

Travel safely knowing you have the right vehicle and have packed it safely

Get started now and be camping like a pro in as little as 28 days (or less)

Our Main Programs

Tent camping checklist

Camping Setup


Just the Camping Setup.

Ideal for all car-based camping beginners who like to DIY without all of the trial and error.

Split image of a camping setup (top image) and a loaded car (bottom image)



All about camping trailer free.
Ideal for up to 5-person families.
Also, lots of tips for any camper to save money, time, your sanity

Two camping families enjoying themselves around a table in the sun

Camping Kickstart


If you outsource event management, bookkeeping or lawn mowing, this is your ideal "done with you" solution.