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Do you want to take the kids camping, but you don't know where to start or what to take, and you don't have the time to work it all out yourself? 

Our Camping Kickstart Program will help you to plan and put together your ideal camping setup and much more. Perfect for families or groups of 4-5 people.

Camping Trailer Free?

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It can be hard to comprehend how as a family you can camp comfortably without any kind of trailer or RV - or at least a second car to help carry you, your loved ones and your camping gear to and from the campsite.

Once children come along, you realise that camping has just become a lot more complicated. The car of your youth is no longer big enough, and neither is your tent.

And if you are a camping newbie, well where on earth do you start!

The trouble is, going from newbie to seasoned family campers without the aid of a trailer, (or even with) involves A LOT of trial and error, as well as a decent dose of frustration.

Not to mention the money wasted on all of those regret buys.

Here at SetToCamp.com, we aim to break down the barriers to camping for anyone wanting to experience it's many benefits.

In our member only hub, The Campus, we're going to show you how to put together a comfortable trailer-free setup for a family that can be transported by car, including some mid-size cars.

We cover everything you will need for a family or group of up to five, from the car you choose and your tent right down to the ideal kitchen and cooking utensils, and everything in between. We also have tools to help you to pack, pitch and pack up, and lots more.

Not only that, we are creating a community of like-minded campers, all sharing ideas in an ad and social media free and supportive environment.

If The Campus isn't for you then we hope you will stick around. We will still have lots of tips and hacks to help improve your camping experience.

Tell others about us as well - family, friends, children, grandchildren - the more the merrier. 

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If you are not sure what kind of trailer free camping setup suits you, then take out the guess work. There are plenty of options and these camping setups will definitely inspire you.

Editable Camping Checklist

There is a reason why checklists are so popular, and camping is no exception. When you head off on your adventure, know that nothing is forgotten or left behind.

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Camping Kickstart Program

...find exclusive  content in The Campus, our members-only area, and kickstart your camping, trailer free.