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Join Kickstart

Are you a beginner camper, or new to family camping?

Do you want take the kids camping but:

  • don't know were to start
  • don't know what to take
  • don't have a trailer to haul it all?

Join our Camping Kickstart Program and we'll help you kickstart your family camping adventures in as little as 28 days - trailer free.

What are you looking for?

Camping Trailer Free?

The benefits to you

You don't need to learn how to camp the hard way, or stay in hotels or at home. Join the Camping Kickstart Program and you can:

Tent camping checklist

Build your ideal trailer-free camping setup and become a camping family!

Two girls hugging with a tent in the background

Start creating a lifetime of happy family memories through camping

Boy playing cards in tent

Get the kids off the screens without any argument, because they are going camping!

Mother and daughter with a compass and map checking directions

Raise more independent, resilient and adventurous children - and seriously, who doesn't want that for their kids!

This is a very scenic campsite on a lake

Always have an inexpensive getaway from the hustle and bustle of your daily life that doesn't take days to organise

Three men relaxing around by a river around the campfire

Enjoy camping so much more because you no longer need to reinvent the wheel and try to work it all out yourself

What is in 

The Camping Kickstart Program?


Kickstarter Kit (Beginner setup) 

Gear Buying Guide


Packing the car guide

Home Storage Solution

Trailer-free Tips and Hacks

Checklists and Calculators

Community Forum / Group

Q&A's and Support

Topic Specific Guides

And much more to come...

Camping tips

Read our tops articles

free resources

Documents and resources we think would be of most use to you

Camping Setup Inspirations

If you are not sure what kind of trailer free camping setup suits you, then take out the guess work. There are plenty of options and these camping setups will definitely inspire you.

Editable Camping Checklist

There is a reason why checklists are so popular, and camping is no exception. When you head off on your adventure, know that nothing is forgotten or left behind.

Our mission

To help you and your family to camp comfortably and travel safely -

Trailer free

Our Camping Code

Comfortable, safe and responsible camping

  • We care about the environment and aim to leave no trace
  • We aim to buy well and buy once
  • We are considerate of local cultures and communities, fellow campers and our hosts
  • We are safety and budget conscious, and resourceful
  • We love the great outdoors and enjoy the simple pleasures
  • We like to have fun and focus on family and friends and meeting new like-minded people

Camping Kickstart Program

...find exclusive  content in The Campus, our members-only area, and kickstart your camping, trailer free.