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To camp comfortably and travel safely, you don't need a high budget, the right car, any kind if trailer or RV, or any camping experience.


Welcome to Set to Camp, a site dedicated to helping families AND beginners to equip themselves for tent camping without the need for any kind of trailer. 

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We are a one-stop-shop for tent camping and cover everything from the start to the finish of your camping adventure.

Camping Kickstart Program

For the price of a hotel room for one night, get your camping setup sorted in just 4 weeks instead of the 4 plus years it took me.

We cover your camping setup, your ideal car and how to pack it.

You also have over 70 resources at your finger tips to make your tent camping experience memorable, for all the right reasons.

Tent and eco-friendly camping tips, camping for families, for beginners, for urban families, the weather, health and safety and how to pack, pitch and pack up in record time...

This is a simple, step by step process with checklists, cheatsheets, buying guides and a supportive community.

All you need to camp like a pro in just 4 weeks.

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Hi there, this is Jo Simon here from Melbourne, Australia, and welcome!

Most parents want to take their kids camping! 

The problem is, camp just once or twice a year and it can take years before they get their camping setup "right".

Over 4 years in fact for me.

That's even if they ever get get started.

What to buy, the cost, the effort, the kids, will they cope, the weather...

If that sounds like you, you don't need to forfeit your camping dreams and confine your kids to the 4 walls of expensive hotel and resort-based holidays (or staying at home).

Or, spend $10's of thousands on some kind of RV an its associated coses.

Check out Settocamp.com and my TentsTalk Email Community for loads of free tips to help you to fully embrace tent camping and all it has to offer and avoid the costly alternatives.

AND, for families or groups of up to 5, we'll show you how you can avoid the need for a trailer to haul it all.

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