About this website

Hello and welcome to Set to Camp - our website dedicated to making comfortable, safe and responsible car camping possible for anyone. We especially focus on car camping for beginner campers and families who wish to camp without any kind of trailer, but this website could be of interest to many others as well. 

Why this website 

It can be hard to comprehend how a family can camp comfortably without a trailer, camper trailer, caravan or RV - or at least a second car to help carry everything and everyone to the campsite. Once children come along, you realise that camping has just become a lot more complicated, and as you strive to safely transport everyone and everything to the campsite, you realise the car of your youth is no longer big enough, and neither is your tent.

Trailers, camper trailers and caravans are extremely popular and definitely have their place in the market. But for many of us, they are not an option. They are costly to own and tow and difficult to park and reverse. They also restrict our movements when on the road and need to be stored somewhere when we arrive home. A dedicated place to store even a small trailer is something of a luxury with the “growth” of higher density and apartment living, and ever decreasing backyards. Many properties don’t even have a car space these days.

Camping is a wonderful experience that we believe anyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. It has many benefits. Families can unwind, reconnect with each other and experience nature together, even on a modest budget. Camping also gives children the chance to explore their adventurous side, being free to head off and play with their new-found friends - as long as they’re back for dinner, of course!

If towing something isn’t an option for you, don’t worry. The two-person dome tent experience you had when you were young isn’t your only path to camping holidays. Nor is tagging along with someone who does have a trailer and all the gear.

We’re going to show you that a growing family isn't code for giving up on that wonderful camping experience altogether. Staying home or in expensive resorts, hotels or cabins is just not a good substitute. Camping is possible for you and your family, and we’re going to show you how.

What we cover in this website

This website comprises the following main sections:

In Our camping setup, we will help you to put together a great camping setup for a family or group of up to five that can be transported by some mid-size and many larger cars on the market. We cover everything you’ll need for a trailer-free camping setup, from what to look for in a car right down to the ideal kitchen and cooking utensils, and everything in between.

In Let's go camping!, we cover the whole camping process, from getting ready to go, through to packing your car, setting up and packing up your campsite, returning home and then finally to our home storage solution.

In the Camping tips area, we provide information, advice and tips on all manner of camping topics to make your camping life easier, from ways to green your campsite to making the best use of your limited resources.

The aim of our Resources and planning section is to help cut through a lot of the detail in this website to help you to save time, money and the stress associated with building up your trailer-free camping setup, as well as the whole camping process. In this section we have:
  • Shopping guides to help you source the right products for your trailer-free camping setup
  • Calculators to help you to estimate the weight of your car load, and also to establish your own personalized spending plan
  • Toolkits that focus on particular themes, such as camping for beginners and eco-friendly camping
  • Documents that you can download and customise to suit your circumstances to help you with the whole camping process, including packing, loading your car, and setting up and packing up camp.

The Blog section is intended to provide updates of what we are doing on the website, as well as anything we think might be of interest to you. If you haven't been on the site for a while and want a quick summary of what's new on the site, you can find it here.

If this is all too much, check out our step by step ultimate guide to car camping if you just want to skip through all of the detail and go to the important tools, tips and resources on the site.

And there'll be much more to come! We constantly revise and update the site and add new things as they become available.

Our camping setup

While it's all relative, in helping you to put together your camping setup, we aim for a setup that:
  • Has good outdoor shelter
  • Has a well equipped kitchen with good bench space
  • Is customizable for short and long stay camping as well as touring
  • Is sufficiently compact when packed up to transport by car - in particular some mid-size and many larger SUV's, 4-wheel drives and wagons on the market
  • Is convenient to pack, pitch and pack up
  • Can be easy to store at home
  • Is resourceful and efficient
  • Caters for most budgets

Our buying guide

To save you time, we have put together a handy buying guide of the products we suggest for our setup. This list is ideal when you are out and about. There’s no need to worry about losing your shopping list or forgetting what you need - you can just check our website.

Importantly, we do not generate any kind of sales commission from these product links, but regardless, we suggest you check other stores for more competitive prices and store sales.

While you may not choose the exact products in our guide, you will at least understand the types of products we are talking about, and you’ll have the weight and pack dimensions for transporting by car at hand.

When considering individual items for your camping setup, we will provide as much direction in our guide as we can. Key items in our setup will be listed together with helpful hints and notes, as well as direct links to the suppliers product page, or if that is not available, to a retailer. Items more readily available will be listed with an outline of the basic requirements, and where they might be sourced.

While you might think you need to buy most of the items listed, you may be surprised at what you can find lying around the house or buried away in a cupboard. Ask around as well. People are often looking to offload preloved items as they upgrade their setups.

So again a big welcome!

We hope you will find our website informative and user friendly, and that you will enjoy your time with us. More importantly, we are excited at the prospect of helping you and your family to camp comfortably and travel safely when you may have thought it wasn’t possible.