Is this website for me?

If you are a beginner camper or if you wish to camp with your family, you will receive the most immediate benefit from this website, especially if you want to car camp without a trailer, camper trailer, caravan or RV.

In addition:
  • If you have limited space at home to store your camping gear, you will be interested in our home storage solution.
  • If you don't have a car, or the right car, for camping, you will be interested in our car advice, especially on sourcing the right car through a renting, hiring or borrowing arrangement.

If you are a young adult or young couple, we can help you to start accumulating your camping and outdoor gear as part of a long-term trailer-free plan.

While this site is intended for trailer-free car campers, much of the information will still be of interest to anyone who enjoys camping in the great outdoors, and who wants to simplify their camping and reduce their load.

If trailer-free camping and touring is not right for you, it might be for those around you - maybe your family, friends, children, grandchildren.... If you think this site would be of interest to them, do them a favour and send them a link! We’ll be happy to help them out.