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Urban Family Camping Guide

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What's In The Camping Guide For Urban Families

1: The Camping Trailer Free Trifecta

Don't have a parking space for the typical trailer or RV that most camping families use? Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by avoiding a trailer or an enormous car. I share with you my Trailer-free Formula so you can camp comfortably, in a non-minimalist way, and travel safely in a car that's just right for you - not too big, but not too small either. 

2: Hire Car Stars

No car? No problem! I'll also share my favourite hire car option for beginners. We tested it out recently, and you won't believe how convenient they are and how easy they are to pack.

3: Store And Order

Want your gear organised? No worries. Transform 1.5 square meters of your apartment into a perfectly organized camping gear haven. My innovative strategies ensure that your camping essentials are out of the way yet always ready for action.

4: Not The Space Jam

Short on storage space? Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a streamlined camping experience. I share the secrets to putting together a compact and lightweight but comfortable camping setup that will turn heads at the campsite, for all the right reasons.

5: Quick Pack, Good Pack

Don't want to entertain the whole neighborhood as you pack your car. For those in high-density living areas, learn how to pack your car discreetly to maintain privacy and security. My guide covers everything from timing your pack to special tips for long-distance hauling from apartments to your vehicle.

Meet Jo Simon

Hi there!

I started this website (settocamp.com) with the view to help break down the barriers to camping for urban families for whom trailers and caravans are not an option.


Because I'm one of them.

Add to that I was once a beginner camper, and I couldn't believe how much of an effort camping was, and what a logistical challenge it was living in inner-Melbourne.

More and more families are living in urban environments, but over 90% of camping families tow something. So there are a lot of "would be" camping families who are not camping.

If you are one of them, then you are absolutely in the right place.

The 5 Keys to Camping for Urban Families is not just a guide.

It's born from the understanding that the benefits of camping for children and families knows no boundaries.

This guide is about helping you enjoy the best of both worlds, where you can seamlessly blend the vibrant opportunities of urban living with the endless possibilities of the great outdoors.

Tailored specifically for the unique challenges and opportunities of urban family life, this is a must-read for any likeminded urban family.