27 ways to reduce your camping costs

Even though camping is probably the most inexpensive of family holidays (apart from maybe staying at home), costs can still blow the budget, especially if you are camping newbies.

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In this article, we have trawled through our entire website to list in this one place our camping cost saving tips, together with links to relevant articles and resources on our site. This list is long, but bear with us, there’s nothing here that doesn’t need to be here.

So, without further ado, if you are camping on a budget or simply want to reduce your camping costs, here are our tips.


Before you go camping:

1: Develop a camping spending plan

Camping cost calcrDevelop a spending plan of all of the things you need or want to buy for camping and prioritise each item. Armed with this list, you are less likely to be tempted by the latest gadget to catch your eye, and you can sit back and patiently wait for the store discounts.

2. Develop a packing checklist

A complete packing checklist is essential in ensuring nothing important is left behind, forcing you to either go without or pay top price at a local store for something you really don’t need to double up on. This includes first aid items, recipe ingredients, clothing, footwear and tools.

3: Plan and prepare for a camping tripTick

Planning, or lack thereof, is another area which can make a big difference to your camping costs. Establish a checklist to help you prepare for camping, including advanced research of your location to be ready for the expected conditions and to take advantage of the activities and opportunities on offer.

You will also be properly equipped to avoid the need to outlay money on items for a particular activity that you already have at home, such as fishing rods, wet or hot weather gear and sporting gear.

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