Packing checklist

Packing checklists for your camping gear, and anything else you will be taking with you on your camping trips, are essential in ensuring nothing important is forgotten and left behind. They are also a reminder of what you shouldn't be taking - if it's not on the list it should stay at home!

While your checklist should include everything you are likely to take with you camping, not everything goes on every camping trip. Before each trip, we suggest you print a copy of your checklist and mark off the items you are not taking with you. In the section at the bottom of the second page, you will see an area for making notes, a shopping list and a menu planner for that particular trip.

So the job doesn’t fall to just one person, everyone should chip in to help organise for your camping trips. In the far right column of the document, you can list the person with responsibility for packing that particular section. Another great job for the kids, but just make sure there is one person charged with double checking that everyone has done their job properly.

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