Buying guide - general camping gear

For the convenience of our members, we have provided a shopping guide outlining the various products we have referred to in this website, together with a price guide and our advice, notes and suggestions. We have also provided links to key products for your convenience which are NOT subject to any kind of reward, affiliate marketing or sales commission arrangement. Regardless, we suggest you check other stores for more competitive prices and store sales.

You can use this as a guide when you are out and about shopping. Being available online, it can be accessed at any time using your smart phone, and you will have no worries about losing your printed copy or leaving it at home. All prices listed are indicative, based on Australian retail prices and in Australian dollars (AUD).

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Notes for beginner campers
* Items denoted with a single asterisk in the first "item" column are those we think should be included in a camping setup for begininers.
** Products denoted with two asterisks in the "product example" column are those we recommended for a camping setup for beginners. 

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