Buying guide - family touring tents

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Choosing the type and style of tent to suit your circumstances is a pretty personal one. As they say, one size doesn't fit all, as evidenced by the vast array of tents you will see around campsites, from the smaller single room dome tents through to the large multiple room family tents. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter which tent you prefer as long as you can comfortably and safely transport it to and from the campsite together with everything and everyone else.

That said, this website is dedicated to camping and touring trailer-free. For those of you wanting to incorporate touring into your camping possibilities, we have scoured the market for easy to pitch and pack up touring tents that, with our limited cargo space, can be easily (or relatively easily) transported on the roof of a car. Some could easily be transported in the rear cargo area as well.

The tents listed below also come with numerous accessories to give you the flexibility to add extra room and shelter to your camping setup for more comfort during those longer stays. You can check out our article on choosing your tent for more advice on making that big purchasing decision. 

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