Buying guide - family tents

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For the convenience of our members, we have provided our list of preferred tents, including whether we think accessories are also required to create sufficient internal and undercover space for sleeping, dining, living and open air cooking. Check out our article on choosing your tent for more advice on andmaking that big purchasing decision.

While there are many different tent options on the market, with our limited cargo space, these tents suit our setup for a family or group ranging in number from 3 to 5 people, based on:
  • providing a sufficient area for sleeping, living and open air cooking - the space isn’t enormous but it can be optimised with smart management such as vertical storage solutions
  • weight and pack dimensions for transporting by car
  • ease of lifting and transporting on the car roof, assuming that is how it will be transported
  • flexibility for long and short stay camping as well as touring, assuming you will want the flexibility in your camping setup to do all three
  • the availability of wall accessories that provide flexibility to create a separate room or simply for wind protection to the cooking area. 

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