Camping spending plan

An important part of any planning process is to develop a spending plan, especially if you are on a tight budget. Like many other hobbies, pastimes and leisure pursuits, your costs will depend on how much you want or have to spend - and there are plenty of retailers out there very happy to help you with that. You can go for a perfectly comfortable but basic lower cost camping setup without all of the bells and whistles, or alternatively something more elaborate - and expensive. The choice is yours.

If cost is an issue for you, then our calculator below can really give you the confidence to commit to the process of building up your camping setup and buying good quality and hopefully long lasting gear. Our calculator can help guide our members through the process of calculating your expected future camping gear spend. It is designed around our setup, however you can insert or edit items to suit your circumstances. Your data will be retain in your member profile, however you can also print a copy for your records.

Using this calculator

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You can edit the cream colored cells to add your own personal budget and to change the item description. You should include only those items you plan to add to your camping setup, not anything you have already purchased. Deleting the item from the list once purchased will highlight your remaining spend and allow you to budget accordingly.

Items you would otherwise have at home or use generally are excluded from the prefilled items below, such as clothing, towels and linen, food, toiletries, smaller power packs, games, bikes and bike racks. Car accessories and four wheel drive related gear are also excluded, although you can really add anything you like to the spending plan in the blank rows provided.

Data entered by logged in paid up members will be stored on a third party server and should be accessible from different devices and browsers, although we encourage you to print and save the information to your personal drive from time to time as well.