Camping for families living in apartments and smaller properties

If you live in an apartment or smaller property and are craving more time outdoors and away from the concrete, crowds and noisy neighbours, then go camping!

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Apartment living is commonplace in many parts of the world, and while not traditionally the domain of families here in Australia, it is becoming much more prevalent - out of necessity as well as by choice.

Living in an apartment or smaller property poses a number of challenges for families and others wanting to enjoy the great outdoors and go camping:
  • Apartments typically have a very limited amount of storage space for camping gear, and no space for a trailer or RV
  • Many people living in apartments don't even own a vehicle let alone one suitable for camping
  • Carrying heavy camping gear over long distances via lifts and stairs to the vehicle and back can be difficult and physically demanding
  • Drying out wet camping gear in small internal spaces can be problematic

Here’s a news flash though! Families living in apartments and smaller properties are just as likely to appreciate the benefits of camping as anyone else, if not more so given their limited living and outdoor spaces.

If this all sounds familiar to you, then follow our camping guide for families living in apartments below and in the article links and you will be on the road before you know it. This guide is based on our guide to car camping for beginners, but particularly focuses on the above challenges and barriers to car camping, not only for families but for any other eager campers living in higher density properties.

If you have any questions or any other related apartment specific problems or solutions you would like to share with us, please let us know. We'd really love to hear from you.