Hiring or renting a car for camping

You may have no current desire to even own a car let alone a mid-size or above one large enough to transport you, your family and all of your gear just for the few weeks of the year you might need it for camping / touring holidays. 

If you are looking to buy a car, check out our cars and accessories section as well as our car buying checklist. If hiring or renting a vehicle at this time is a better alternative for you, then here are your options:

Car hire

Car hire companies
Car hire companies can supply standard passenger vehicles that would be generally suitable for camping, but on the occasions when we have attempted to hire a particular car model to test for this website, we came up with two problems:
  1. Car hire companies will offer on their website a particular model of car which we might determine is appropriate for our camping based on boot / trunk size, payload and other considerations. But in fine print you will generally see the words "or similar" next to the car, meaning you might receive a different car to the one described that doesn't necessarily have the specifications we need.
  2. Car hire companies will generally not supply cars with roof racks or tow bars, which will be unsuitable if you need a car with those accessories. In any case, we are told that car hire companies are unlikely to permit the transportation of gear on the roof even if you found a way to do so.

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