Your ideal car for camping trailer free

Your choice of car might not seem the obvious place to start for a camping website, but it is really the key to comfortable car camping and the safe transporting of you, your family and your gear - trailer free.

Suitable cars for transporting a family of four don’t have to be in the large size category if they aren’t otherwise your preference. We have identified some cars in the mid-size range that would be suitable to carry a family of four and our camping setup for beginners, trailer-free.

If you are single, or a couple without children, you could easily start building the type of camping setup we suggest on this website at any time, and you have a much greater choice of cars with the benefit of the entire rear seat area for storage, and less weight to carry.

Knowing what to look for in a car can help you avoid the potentially costly mistake of buying an unsuitable vehicle - either bigger than you really need, or worse still, not big enough. SO, which car should you choose?

Which car for camping

Choosing the right car for trailer free camping

When choosing a car, you may already be researching such things as driving performance in varying conditions, accessories, off-road capabilities, fuel efficiency, running costs, comfort and design, maintenance history (if used) and whether everyone can be comfortably accommodated.

For trailer-free camping, you also need to assess how well the car can safely and comfortably carry you, your family, your various toys for your holiday AND your camping gear. For our setup, the following specifications, which we cover in detail in the following sections, are also important in a car:
  • Car styles for camping
  • Rear cargo capacity
  • Payload, or the specified load or weight carrying capacity of the car
  • Car roof load, or the specified weight carrying capacity of the car roof, including the height of the car roof and roof racks, and how easily you will be able to lift heavy items up to that height

Our car buying checklist will guide you through the information covered in the following articles to help you choose the right car for you.

If you are in the market for a mid-size car suitable for camping, check out our best mid-size cars for camping car review.