Car accessories for camping trailer-free

Car accessories for camping trailer free range from the necessary to the nice to have. Car roof accessories, such as roof rails and racks, are covered earlier this cars section, but what else should you consider. Before you leave the car yard, think about the following accessories:

Cargo barriers

Car cargo barrierCargo barriers can be fitted to create a barrier between the rear cargo and passenger areas to restrain your camping and other gear, and to prevent it from causing injury or worse in the event of a sudden stop.  The barrier will also allow the safe loading of your cargo to a height higher than the top of the rear seats.

They would not, however, be permitted to be installed behind the second row of seats in vehicles with a third row of seats for the obvious safety of the passengers in the third row.

Cargo barriers will take up some of your weight allowance and the particularly heavy ones should be avoided. Depending on how they are fitted, they may not fit neatly behind the rear passenger seats and could also eat into your cargo space.

Due to the positioning of car air bags and other safety and protection systems, cargo barriers should be professionally fitted.

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