Furniture options for camping

The increasingly greater choice of camping furniture and chairs on the market in the camping stores may tempt you to splash out on that special item of comfort without thinking too much about its size or weight. But if you get your setup right, you can still have an extremely comfortable and relaxing camping experience without all of the bells and whistles.

Once again, the furniture for our camping setup needs to be functional, comfortable, light weight, compact when packed up and easy to set up and pack up.


The main items of furniture used for our campsite are:
  • Quad folding camping / outdoor chairs - one each
  • Table to rest the camping stove on
  • Table for use as a work bench and for a dining table when the dining and seat set is not used
  • Dining and seat set (for long stay camping only)
  • Shelving unit to vertically store the gear / kitchen items and keep everything off the ground. This unit may prove too bulky to be transported in smaller boots / trunks, but it’s great to have in your camping repertoire for long stay camping if there is any remote possibility of safely getting it to and from your campsite