Cleaning and dishwashing


Many camp grounds don’t provide dishwashing facilities, so you will generally need the necessary items in your camping setup for the times when you need them. It’s not rocket science but listed below is all you really need for camping.

Dishwashing basin

BasinsPlastic basins for dish washing are readily available in hardware stores and the like. We suggest that you find ones that stack or nest neatly inside each other and buy 3 of them - they are light weight, they cost around $5-6 each and they take up very little room. They are also really useful elsewhere around the campsite, such as for keeping items off the wet ground and also for collecting water run-off at the base of high traffic areas during wet weather.

Silicon pop-up style sinks are also an option, but they will be much more expensive. By our calculations they are double the weight of our plastic sinks (600 g compared to 300 g each) and they may not actually save you much space.

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