Cutlery and cooking utensils

Cutlery and small utensils are stored in a long thin container such as a plastic celery container or preferably something with soft sides for easier packing. We actually use a long narrow lunch box cooler bag which can neatly hold everything as long as you don’t select bulky or particularly long items. Any items that are particularly long, such as the bbq egg flip and serving spoon, can be transported in the kitchenware container.

Here is what we have in our container, with cutlery quantities adjusted to suite the number of people together with some spares:

IMG 2657IMG 2663IMG 2665

6 knives

6 forks

6 desert spoons

3 teaspoons

Vegetable peeler

Can opener

Egg flip

Small tongs

Utility knife

Small paring knife

4 egg rings

Flat whisk

Flat grater

Serving spoon

Small spatula

Meat thermometer

  Wooden skewers   Permanent market   Gas lighter / matches  Pastry / basting brush

Small scissors

Rubber bands


For your convenience, were have provided an online link in our shopping guide to the products we think are suitable and work well for our setup. We have also provided suggestions for where to look for these and the other items in the stores.