Camping food

Long life food pantry

Our pantry of long life non-perishable food is stored and transported in two containers - a large packing cell for the bulky dry foods such as rice, flour and pasta, and a lunch box style cooler container for smaller items, such as herbs, spices, sauces and spreads.

If you are regular campers, you will save on packing time by maintaining a permanent food pantry containing the staple ingredients you would typically use during any given camping trip. The food pantry also comes in extremely handy on any overnight car trip away, and not just for camping.

Once you have your pantry of staples in place, all you need to do is to choose your recipes before each trip, replenish the items you are running low on, and add anything additional required for the recipes, such as any spice and sauce mixes.

If you only need a small amount in the packet, transferring the required quantity into a suitable GOOD QUALITY AND RELIABLE container, plastic bottle or snap lock bag will save on space. You should also ensure that your containers and bags are securely closed after use and before being packed for transport to avoid leakage. There are things more annoying and frustrating than discovering leaked flour or olive oil all over your container ... and beyond, but not many!

Because you are only taking what you need, while you are away, you will need to keep an eye on your pantry items from time to time to avoid running out of a key ingredient just when you need it. It doesn’t really matter if your plans change and you need to buy extra on the way, as long as you know in advance when you are food shopping. Keep in mind that buying in bulk more than you will need for the trip might make a dint in your available car storage space. 

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