Our camping setup

We can help you choose a camping setup for trailer-free camping and touring to suit your circumstances, now and into the forseeable future, from your car right down to your kitchen utensils and everything in between. 
 Camping setup
About our camping setup
While it's all relative, you will find that our camping setup:
  • Has good outdoor shelter
  • Has a well equipped kitchen with good bench space
  • Is customizable for short and long stay camping as well as touring
  • Is sufficiently compact when packed up for transporting by car
  • Can be comfortably and safely transported by some mid-size and most larger SUVs, 4-wheel drives and wagons on the market (a five-person family or group would, however, generally be limited to a car in the larger size category)
  • Is convenient to pack, pitch and pack up
  • Can be easy to store at home
  • Is resourceful and efficient
  • Caters for most budgets
The various components of our camping setup are listed below. Click on the link to go to the relevant section.
Cars and accessories
Tent and shelter
Campsite tools
Power and fuel
Bathroom and laundry