Sleeping and bedding options for camping

Our philosophy is “buy well and buy once”, and that is never more so relevant than to both your bedding and tent. We can’t stress enough how important it is to have good quality and reliable sleeping gear that can provide you with the best possible night of sleep.

You probably will not sleep as comfortably in a tent as you would in your bed at home, but at the very minimum, for the fussy sleepers we should aim for sleeping arrangements that are at least not uncomfortable.

For such an important part of our gear, we can be flexible on weight and volume to some extent to ensure we get a good night sleep, but there are obviously limits as discussed in the following articles.

That being said, good quality hiking gear can take up less than half of the weight and volume of "regular" sleeping gear. If you really want to keep the size of your car down to (say) a medium size passenger wagon instead of the larger SUV / 4 wheel drive vehicles, your sleeping gear is a great place to start. 

You might pay more and find this gear less comfortable, but significant cost savings can be made on purchasing, running and maintaining a smaller car. You will also have good quality gear to last you for years, and unsurprisingly, you will be very well equipped, at least in the sleeping department, for overnight hiking opportunities.