Flooring and extra shelter

Flooring and ground mats

Tent floor saverWe can't always have a beautiful green luscious lawn covering our campsite. In fact, if there is any grass on popular sites, it's mostly around the edges and not where the constant stream of tents have been pitched.

Flooring and ground mats are therefore important to have as part of your camping gear to help keep you and your tent and annex area clean and free of dirt and sand - especially in your sleeping and living areas.

Your mats should be porous to allow water, sand and dirt to fall through to the ground below, and also to allow the ground to breathe. Some can be quite bulky when folded up and can also be heavy as well. The lighter and more compact products are made of a mesh shade cloth material. Heavier products are made with a dual layered mesh or a type of rubber. Examples of these can be found in our shopping guide.

Waterproof products, such as tarpaulins, are not suitable because they don’t allow the dirt and sand to fall through to the ground below, they can be slippery when wet and they don’t allow the ground beneath to breathe.

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