13 uses for greensacks reusable fruit & vegie sack

Frustrated by the amount of single use plastic bags ending up in landfill and in our waterways, our friend, Pam, designed, developed and locally manufactures her very own greensacks reusable fruit & vegie sacks.

Greensacks cover s1

These sacks are designed to replace the plastic bags found in the fruit and vegie aisle of the supermarket. We love the bags and, as well as using them for fruit and vegie shopping and storage, we found we were using them more and more for a whole lot of other unrelated purposes around the home, on our travels and for our camping setup. We wouldn’t be recommending them here on our website otherwise.

13 camping related uses for greensacks reusable fruit & vegie sacks

1: Salad spinner

Salad spinner r2Instead of a real salad spinner, place your salad greens into a clean greensacks sack and rinse in a bowl of water or under the tap. Standing out in the open away from everyone (or not depending on how annoying you want to be) close the bag with your hand and quickly swing in a spinning motion.

I don’t bother with the solid plastic salad spinner any more, at home or the campsite. It’s as good as any store bought salad spinner and there are no bulky salad spinners to pack or wet tea towels to deal with.

2: Utilities bag
Greensacks grandcanion r
Use your greensacks sack to hold together small non-sharp items. You can easily tie the ends to keep items in place. Use for:
  1. Electronics cables and chargers
  2. Loose batteries
  3. Lunches for hiking and day trips
  4. Underwear and other small items in your luggage in place of a packing cell
  5. Sunscreens, goggles and other small swimming related items for the pool or beach
  6. Makeup and other toiletries
  7. Dried herbs, spices and other small long life food items
  8. Small children’s games and toys, especially those that come in lots of little pieces, such as Lego, swap cards, playing cards, Shopkins, Bay blades or whatever the latest fad is!
  9. Small work related items in case you have business to attend to while away
  10. Clothes pegs (although we use a peg bag to hold our pegs)

12: Delicates laundry bag

Delicates wash bag r3rPlace your delicate wear in a greensacks sack and tie the corners in a double knot. It hasn’t come loose on me yet in the wash.

13: Reusable sack for fruit and vegie shopping and storage

And last but not least, use as intended instead of using plastic or paper bags for your fruit and veggie shopping.

Why these particular bags?

greensacks reusable fruit & vegie sacks are great for our camping setup because they are:
  • Australian made - thereby supporting local business and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Light weight - according to my kitchen scales they weigh 12 grams / ½ oz each
  • A good size - they measure approximately 38 x 26 cm (15 x 10 in) and as we need to always try to limit the volume we have found their size is "just right” - not too big to encourage us to take more stuff than we need and not too small to limit what we can actually use them for
  • Easy to wash - just throw them in the machine in whatever wash cycle you are doing
  • Quick drying (quicker than a packing cell)
  • Durable as long as you avoid using them for sharp objects like scissors and knives that will likely pierce the mesh style fabric.
  • Made of a ripstop type of material - meaning any tear in the fabric won’t spread and create a bigger hole
  • Inexpensive at just under $5 each ($23 for a pack of 5)
  • Made of fabric that meets the OEKO-TEX standard 100 in relation to harmful substances
  • Very useful for our camping set-up (see above)