7 camping uses for plastic storage containers

Every campsite would have a stackable plastic container. Don't just bring one - they come in handy around the campsite.

Kitchenbox CustomSomething that probably every campsite would have in its repertoire is the trusty old stackable plastic storage container to help carry items to the campsite, and ours is no exception. In fact, I doubt there would be a household free of at least one of these.

As neatly stackable containers don't take up much extra room and come in handy around the campsite, purchase 3 of them, and maybe even a 4th one to keep at home as a backup in case one gets damaged.

In addition to transporting our kitchenware and cookware, here are our other uses for a stackable plastic container around the campsite:

1: For food storage

Store your food in a plastic container while camping to protect it from dust, bugs and wildlife. To protect your food, and more importantly you, from wildlife interested in raiding your food, the containers can also be easily transferred to the car or to a separate designated food storage bin or locker. 

2: To collect water run-off

Plastic container rainCampsites can get pretty soggy in heavy rain, leading to a muddy site and potential flooding in the tent and annex area. To minimise the associated problems, place a plastic container under the drip line and empty out at intervals at a safe distance from the campsite.

3: To help organise your campsite

Use a plastic container to temporarily hold items lying around the campsite. Make it part of your nightly routine by transferring the items from the container to their rightful place.

A plastic container can also be used to store like items together during your stay, such as children's toys, helmets and water toys, and loose bulky camping related items such as gear bags, tie down straps and loose poles.

4: As a temporary drinks tub 

Entertain at the campsite by filling a plastic container with ice and use as a drinks tub to chill down drinks that your limited camp fridge can't accommodate.

5: As a laundry basket

Being a similar shape to your typical plastic laundry basket, a plastic container is an ideal alternative. It could also be used as a laundry tub if you need to do any handwashing.

6: As a babies bath

Child bathing Depositphotos 78699108 l 2015 3While many campgrounds provide shower facilities, many don't cater for babies and children too young for showers. Plastic containers are ideal for bathing babies in the absence of a suitable alternative.

7: Even as a bread proofing box

Camp ovens are great for baking bread, especially sour dough bread. If you are a keen baker, bring along your sour dough starter and give it a go.

Proofing boxA lidded plastic container can act as an ideal proofing box for your bread baking to help the dough ferment or rise at the preferred temperature. To reduce the temperature in the container, place the container in the shade and / or cover with a wet towel. To increase the temperature, place in the sun and / or place a bowl of hot water in the container.

You can monitor the temperature in the container using a digital meat thermometer as shown in the image.

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