Camping gift ideas

Do you want camping gift ideas for the camper in your life that you know will actually be used and appreciated? So many gifts don’t end up that way and are more of a miss than a hit!

Christmas gifts

Whether you are parents, siblings, grandparents or friends, now is the time to get organised for christmas, and we have some great camping gift ideas. You will be contributing to their future camping holidays and saving them the cost of buying these items themselves.

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Head torch      
Greensacks reusable fruit and veggi sack    
Packing cells          


Tent, annex and awning lights ✔  ✔   
Collapsible bucket ✔     
Fridge stand    
Camp chair ✔   
Camp table    
Canvas duffle bags ✔   


Tent floor saver   ✔     
Rechargeable power banks ✔  ✔   
Lockable tie down straps    
Camp oven and related items    

  $100 plus

Family tent     ✔ 
Hiking style second tent   ✔   
Large rechargeable power bank / battery      
Compatible solar panel      
Camping stove      
Icebox / camp fridge      
Sleeping bag   ✔   
Sleeping mat    
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