First aid treatment - tips from the experts

No matter how prepared you are and how many precautions you take, things can go wrong and people can get sick, have accidents, injure themselves, get bitten by something - you name it. Don't let this stifle your sense of adventure and stop you and your kids from experiencing the rough and tumble of life.

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For those times when things don't quite go our way, we have listed below informative articles from trusted sources on typical medical conditions and emergencies you might come across on your camping adventures, including appropriate first aid responses. This article is provided subject to our Disclaimer.

Many of these situations are rare, and some extremely so, but advanced knowledge in being able to provide the right kind of first aid assistance is important and reassuring.

Emergency responses 

Bites and stings

Infections and illnesses

Temperature and weather related conditions

Injuries, accidents and other

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