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Last updated on August 21, 2023

Grimacing girl holding peg while boy hammers it into the ground

Setting up and maintaining a campsite doesn't require a lot of camping tools, but there are items we wouldn't leave home without - and some might surprise you.  

Be prepared to spend a little extra for some of the lighter and more compact products that we are looking for – you won't regret it including them in your camping setup.

Here's how we pack the smaller items in our camping tool kit and further down below is a list of the individual items and how we use them:

Camping tools packed in bag,



2 mattocks / hammers

We include two mattocks in our tool kit to speed up the setup process. No-one should be standing around idle if there are tent pegs to be hammered in.

Tent pegs / stakes

Extra tent pegs should be carried in case you have left some in the ground on previous trips or if they become bent. Cheaper tents generally come with cheaper and more flimsy tent pegs which can bend and rust easily and are less reliable. A few good quality pegs purchased separately from a camping store come in handy for greater reliability in key or exposed locations.

Guy ropes, including spares

Extra guy ropes also come in handy around the campsite as DIY clothes lines and for any time a basic rope is required, so take a few more than you think you need.

Tent peg / stake puller

Helps to remove tent pegs from the hard ground.


A necessity for many different repairs and other tasks and negates the need to take lots of different tools. Choose one that is lightweight and compact.

Screw driver

As well as the multi-tool, a compact little screw driver set is handy for odd jobs.

Spanner / wrench

Required for tightening and loosening the LP gas cylinder fitting.

Duct and gaffer tape

A necessity and useful for all manner of patch-ups and repairs and for temporarily securing things into place.

Rubber bands

For individually tying guy ropes together to avoid a tangled mess. Check out our other uses for a rubber band.

Plant twist wire

Great for temporarily securing or tying things together or into place such as lighting and wiring.

Cable ties

For fastening or holding items together. Being a single use item, and plastic at that, try to find an alternative solution for short term fixes.


Useful when guy ropes are too thick.

Fold back clips

Purchased from the stationers, these are great for securely clamping things together or into place.

Foam strips

Cut from a foam mat found on a neighbors hard rubbish pile, these help to level your absorption fridge (to help it run efficiently) and your camp stove (to prevent pots and pans from sliding around).

Mini dust pan and brush

Useful for cleaning out the tent before you pack it up, and for cleaning around the campsite and the floor of your car.


Instead of the mini dust pan and brush, for long stay camping, a compact broom with a removable handle can help to keep the campsite clean and free of dirt, leaves etc. and it's a bit easier on your back. The handle can travel in the tent pole bag and the brush goes with the tool kit.


In the absence of toilet facilities, to dig a hole to bury solid waste when nature calls.

Small scissors

For general maintenance and use around the campsite.

Tent repair kit

Usually supplied with your tent as well as tent manual with repair instructions.

Bike tools

For bike repairs. Includes a compact pump, spare tyre tubes and repair kit (not pictured above)

Long handle spade / shovel

For digging holes, preparing fire pits, moving camp fire coals for campfire cooking, digging your car out of a bogged situation (not pictured above).


For chopping fire wood for the camp fire (not pictured above).

Compact folding saw

For sawing pieces of wood (not pictured above).

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