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THE Best Eco-friendly Camping Guide

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Last updated on June 23, 2023

Eco-friendly camping on the Murray river

Camping is one of the best ways to enjoy nature while getting out in the great outdoors. But travelling to remote areas and rural communities as we do can have an impact on the environment and those local communities, especially in relation to what we leave behind.

With this eco-friendly camping guide and a little bit of preparation, however, you can have a perfectly enjoyable outdoor experience while at the same time do the right thing by the environment and the communities we visit.

The key to enjoying camping for years to come is being as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. So, whether you are a beginner camper or experienced, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a green outdoor experience.

Listed below are our top eco-friendly camping tips and resources. Be sure to click on the links to check out the articles:

War on Camping Waste

1: Practical tips towards zero waste camping

You can find lots of tips scattered throughout this guide on sustainability and zero waste camping. 

Some people, however, sometimes just want to cut to the chase and have them located all in one place for easy access.

Check out our 15 tips towards zero waste camping, all in one place.

2: Ways to reduce your camping waste

Waste management is a growing problem in our world. Even more so when it comes to rural and remote communities where landfill sites and recycling plants are not as readily available.

If, as we often see in the news, densely populated areas such as cities have their waste management difficulties, the challenges of rural and remote areas which we all travel to must be even greater.

So, rather than focusing on recycling and re-using, we are far better to avoid producing that waste in the first place.

Check out our Ways to reduce your camping waste.

3: Ways to reduce your single use camping waste

When you think of all of the single use items in our daily lives now, we sometimes wonder how our past generations survived. Surely it wasn't that hard for them.

Many of our single use items are not recyclable and don't break down. They unnecessarily add to waste and landfill and consume valuable resources to produce.

Here are our ways to reduce your single use camping waste

4: Reuse- ways to turn your camping trash into treasure

When resources and conveniences are at our fingertips, it becomes easy to just throw away reusable items without giving them a second thought.

When resources are limited, however, there are plenty of easy and fun ways to put our waste and product packaging to good use.

Here are our ways to turn your camping trash into treasure

Eco-friendly Hacks

5: Camping uses for a rubber band (coming soon)

6: Greensacks reusable fruit & vegie sack (coming soon)

7: Alternatives to cling wrap (coming soon)

8: Best mid-size car for camping (coming soon)

9: Leave No Trace Principles

The Leave No Trace principles were established to provide us with a set of ethics that promote conservation in the outdoors by encouraging people to leave the environment as they found it.

This area is so close to our hearts it is the number one priority in our Camping Code and a key part of this guide. 

Plan ahead and prepare
Travel and camp on durable surfaces
Dispose of waste properly
    - General waste
    - Human waste
    - Waste / grey water
Leave what you find
Minimise campfire impacts
Respect wildlife
Be conscious of your hosts and other visitors