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Leave it to the experts

Don't have the time to do it all yourself?
Contact us to discuss how we can help you with the whole camping thing so you can concentrate on the important things.

Sometimes in our busy lives, we can't do everything, or at least everything properly. 

And with camping, if you are not properly prepared, and if things don't go your way - the weather, packing the car, pitching the tent, finding that ideal campsite - then camping isn't always a walk in the park.

In the Camping Kickstart Express Program, we work directly with you to put together your ideal camping setup, to help you prepare for your first camping trip, to find that ideal campsite, to travel safely and so you can easily pack, pitch and pack up, and loads more.

So, just like you would outsource to the experts to organise a party, draw up plans for your house, or even mow your lawns, why not let us help you gear up for camping, whatever that might mean for you.

The Camping Kickstart Bootcamp Program

While our work would be delivered remotely, our aim in general is to help you to ultimately be able to camp independently. Essentially, this would involve walking you as much as practically possible through the Bootcamp 8-steps:

Image of camping family of 4 at a computer planning

Planning your camping setup

Man at camping store buying gear

Putting together your camping setup

Car park full of different types of cars including 4-wheel drives

Choosing the right vehicle

Camping gear stored efficiently on and beside shelving

Home Storage Solution

Image of packed car

How to pack the car for camping

Image of 2 girls planning for camping

How to prepare for camping

Grimacing girl holding peg while boy hammers it into the ground

Pitching And Packing Up The Campsite

Image of car turning into a building car park



So, practically, what does that mean for you?

As we are based in Australia, the types of services we might provide to help you to have a smooth camping trip will vary, but could include:

  • Planning - your camping setup, your vehicle and how to pack it.
  • Product recommendation and sourcing the right products
  • Help with product orders
  • Development of a shopping and "getting" list
  • Coordination of your documents into a central cloud account
  • Editing and personalising the camping checklist 
  • Calculation of spending plan 
  • Calculation of weight of car load
  • A plan for how the car would be packed
  • A plan for the campsite setup and packup process
  • A suggested campsite layout / design
  • Advice regarding the home storage of gear
  • Virtual help when packing the car
  • Virtual advice at the campsite
  • General camping advice
  • Prompts
  • Meal plan, including menu, shopping list and recipes that can be prepared in your camp kitchen
  • Advice and information about specific issues, concerns and needs

As we are a small team, numbers per month are limited for this program, so contact us now and get in quick!

About Joanne Simon

Image of Joanne Simon

Hi there, when I say "we", well it's mostly me!

My name is Jo Simon, I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm the camping trailer free obsessive.

I'm an accountant by profession, which won't surprise many of you given the nature or this program, and after a stint in private practice, I have spent most of my career in the not-for-profit sector in business, corporate governance and financial management roles. Now I do this!

I guess you'd say I'm keen to help as many people as possible, especially families, to enjoy the many benefits of camping.

And for many families, the big barriers to camping include the lack of know-how, especially if you haven't grown up in a camping family or culture, the time and trial and error it takes to gear up for camping, and also the lack of storage space for the bulky camping gear and the trailers and caravans that many camping families tow.

I'm not against towing something - I'm just offering an alternative to those for whom towing something isn't an option.

But regardless, my program are designed to include everyone, including those like you who just want to take the kids camping and want a tailored solution without the overwhelm and the time it takes to get the whole camping thing right.

I look forward to meeting you!


We've tried to cater for all beginner campers, whether you camp with a trailer or not, and whether your barrier to camping is more about the time it takes to get organised or about cost.

If camping trailer free is not important, and you have plenty of time, then our Camping Setup Essentials Program is the first place to start.

If you are a family or group of up to 5 and you wish to camp trailer free and keep your costs down, then the Camping Kickstart Bootcamp is where you should be.

If time is a big factor, whether you camp trailer free of not, then contact us to discuss how you can help you in a more guided capacity in our Camping Kickstart Express Program.

For s
imply contact us directly! We'd love to have a chat.

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