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What is camping trailer free

Trailer-free camping is exactly what it sounds like - camping without the need for any kind of trailer, caravan or RV. The
key to camping trailer free for a family of 4-5 is the Trailer-Free Trifecta as we call it - where you need the right kind of camping setup, the right kind of car (and not necessarily a large one - at least for a family of four) and an efficient way of packing it.

Our setup is not minimalist camping. It's a proper camping setup with a well equipped kitchen, good lighting, a decent tool-kit and good outdoor shelter. It is also easier to set up and pack up and can be stored in a relatively small space of 1.5m2.

We aren't suggesting you need to copy us entirely. You can if you want to. But the aim of the program is to help you choose the right kind of camping setup for you, particularly in relation your tent, outdoor shelter and bedding . That's why we show you 8 different camping setups that suit our program to show you what is possible and to give you some alternatives.

Is this program just about camping trailer free

Definitely not! The program is based around our trailer-free camping setup, and those who want to do so would gain the most benefit from it. But if you are new to camping, or family camping, you can still follow along and build up a setup that suits you. You just won't need to concern yourself so much with gear sizes and weights.

Although, that said, just because you have the packing space doesn't mean you need to fill if you have a more compact alternative. That way, you can head off without the trailer etc as well when it suits you and enjoy some tow-free camping and touring. 

What kind of camping setup are you talking about and what if it doesn't suit me?

We aren't talking about a minimalist setup. It's a proper setup with a decent tent, good undercover shelter and a well equipped kitchen.

If this doesn't suit you, there will still be a lot of information that you could find useful in the program. But, if you sign up and don't see the value, we have a money back guarantee.

What if I have never camped before?

Camping for the first time can be daunting, especially with kids in tow. That is essentially the purpose of this program - to break down the barriers to camping, especially for families, by addressing the main challenges for camping newbies.

We'll show you everything you need for a great family camping setup. Our checklists and cheat sheets will help you pack for camping, prepare for a camping trip and setup and pack up a campsite.

As the weather is always the first thing on our minds when we go camping, we'll even throw in our Guide to Camping in Wild Weather.

What if I am limited for storage space?

If you are limited for space, or if you live in an apartment or smaller home, you are absolutely in the right place. Our Space Saving Storage Guide will show you how you only need 1.5m2 of floor space for your gear storage. And there might be room to store other items there as well.

I want to camp without the need for a trailer. What about my existing camping gear?

Yes a good question! This is probably the biggest hesitation for existing campers, particularly if you have invested a lot of money on bulky camping gear, such as 70 litre compressor fridges.

The cost of our Kickstarter Kit, on which the program is based, is estimated to be around $3,000, and much less if you go for a cheaper tent and sleeping arrangements as $1,500 of the budget alone goes on your tent, shelter and sleeping mats.

Over a short period of time, camp trailer free will still be more cost effective than to invest in trailers, camper trailers or caravans and heavier towing vehicles. And some of your existing gear should still be usable, bringing down the cost even further.

What if I don't have the right car?

Transporting you, your loved ones and your gear safely is important. We'll share 4 different transport options until such time as you are ready to upgrade your existing vehicle. Or, this option may suit you in the long term.

How much will the setup cost?

We certainly encourage you to buy well and buy once to minimise the chance of your gear failing you and your family at the worst possible time and ending up in landfill before you know it. However you can go as cheap as you like.

That said, we recommend you should start with a budget of $3,000 for, say, a family of 4 if you want a durable setup, including a good quality tent and more comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Over a 5-year period, this equates to just over $10 per person per day if you were to camp for just 14 days per year. And the better prepared and equipped you are the more likely you are to enjoy camping and want to go more often.

What if I don't have a trailer to transport my gear?

You may not need to tow anything if you are a family or group of up to 5 unless:
- there are special needs that require special bulky equipment
- you need to bring bulky items such as strollers and sleeping cots for younger children
- you have a lot of existing camping equipment that you are not keen on swapping for something along the lines of what we recommend.

What if I don't live in Australia?

Yes, we are based in Australia. Melbourne to be precise. This program is very much Australian influenced, but is designed to apply anywhere. There may still be some local requirements that you might need to research yourself, but that doesn't mean you need to start from scratch.

Just like any recipe, we show you what to look for, not the specific products. So, for example, much like a recipe, we tell you to buy 60 gram eggs, not the Sunny Side Up brand. You will know what to look when buying products, but not the specific products themselves.

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