Car storage compartments

Apart from the odd handy smaller storage compartment your car might have, outlined below are your main options for transporting your camping gear by car.

Rear cargo area

IMG 3298 Custom

Your first choice, and the most obvious place for transporting your camping gear, is in the rear cargo area of the car or as we called it here in Australia, the boot. While some mid-size and larger SUVs and wagons might look similar, the size of their cargo area can vary quite considerably.

Choosing the car with the right rear cargo area dimensions will therefore play a big part in how easily if at all your car can fulfil this task.

Passenger cabin / rear seat

Back seatYour second choice for transporting gear would typically be your vacant rear seat storage space. Actually how much space you will have will depending on how many, if any, rear seat passengers you will be carrying.

Regardless of the amount of space available for transporting gear in the car cabin, safety is paramount. Items transported in the car cabin should therefore be limited to light weight, soft padded items, such as clothing bags and bedding.

Car roof

Roof rails2 CustomYou will see by the many options available on websites, such as Thule and Rhino-rack, that your car roof is the easiest and most popular way to transport the gear that your car can’t accommodate internally, either strapped to the roof racks or roof tray or contained in a roof box or bag. If you can confine your surplus gear to just the roof racks, your tow bar is then left free for other purposes, such as for bikes or to tow "toys" like dirt bikes and water craft.

Numerous options exist for securing items to your roof racks: 

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