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The Light Side 

1: no storage space, all budgets, people 1-5

Congratulations, you have our actual setup on your list as well as one of my favourite other setups.

Have limited space for gear storage and drying?

No stress. The options below are relatively easy to dry in a small space.

Travelling with up to 5 people? 

No stress there either. The main tents below will sleep comfortably up to 3-4 people. But, if you have extra's, even just from time to time, you can easily add on a smaller hiking tent, or a swag if you have the car packing space.

And as for your budget!

We have include options for all budgets in case you change your mind after seeing what is possible.

Your Ideal Camping Setups

Tent with tarp shelter

TARP'N TENT: A great budget setup is the Tarp'n Tent. All you need is the tarp and 6 poles together with a 4-6 person tent for sleeping and gear storage. Swags and smaller hiking style tents would work well with the tarp as well. 

Smaller tent and marquee

MINI-TENT AND MARQUEE. If space is limited, this is a great little setup for a family of 4. Add side walls to the marquee for some weather protection and you have a very economical setup that will be easy to dry out in small properties.

Tent camping checklist

THE INTREPID TOURER: If funds permit, the Intrepid Tourer is also a great option with the addition of a smaller hiking tent for the kiddo's when they outgrow the family tent. It's a bit more costly with all of the accessories but worth it if you want the flexibility of a quick setup for short stops but something more comfortable one for longer stays.

Smaller tent under a large tarp

TARP'N TENT 2: Another version of the Tarp'n Tent  is this setup with an even larger tarp sheltering the whole area (although try to avoid tying them to the trees). Again, swags and other smaller tents would work instead of a much larger and harder to dry tent.  

Your transport options

Family tent camping setup

A big part of what we offer here at SetToCamp.com is around camping trailer free, because not everyone has the option, or wants to, tow something in order to have a memorable family camping experience. Even if you have a trailer or caravan, sometimes it's nice to leave them behind and lighten up!

And the good news is, camping trailer free is ideal for you and other families of up to 5. 

With limited space at home for storing  gear and trailers, and drying gear, you are in the perfect place to camp trailer free. So don't forget to check out our Camping Kickstart Bootcamp Program where we can help you to avoid all of that trial and error so you can camp comfortably and travel safely, trailer free.

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And How We Can Help You Further..

Tent camping checklist

Camping Setup


Just the Camping Setup.

Ideal for all car-based camping beginners who like to DIY without all of the trial and error. Only $35.

Split image of a camping setup (top image) and a loaded car (bottom image)

Camping Kickstart


All about camping trailer free.
Ideal for up to 5-person families.
Also, lots of tips for any camper to save money, time, your sanity

Two camping families enjoying themselves around a table in the sun

Camping Kickstart


If you outsource event management, bookkeeping or lawn mowing, this is your ideal "done with you" solution.

Meet Jo Simon

Hi there, I hope this camping setup quiz has inspired you to get out there and go camping, whether or not you have kids.

I started this website with the view to help break down the barriers to camping for urban families for whom trailers and caravans are not an option. More and more families are living in urban environments, but over 90% of camping families tow something. So there are a lot of "would be" camping families who are not camping.

If you are one of them, then you are absolutely in the right place. Check out my programs and sign up if, for a relatively small fee, you want to go with a tried and tested solution and save many hours of your time, and hundreds of dollars, if not more. Because there is so much more in there than what you see above.

If you aren't sure, start with the Camping Setup Essentials Program for just $35.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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