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Now you have a great checklist, learn how you can pack for camping in just one hour instead of hours and hours, if not days!


The 1Hour Pack 

Image of mockup of 1Hour Pack program

Enjoy the freedom to be able to head off into the great outdoors with the family for a quick camping getaway,

whenever you like, super fast, with just one hour of packing

What if you could pack for a quick family camping adventure with an hours notice?

And what if the time it took to arrive at your campsite, find your site and configure it, set up camp, and have a delicious meal on the table, was to also only take one hour?

And what if you could head off at short notice at the sign of a good weather forecast rather than plan it in advance and take pot luck.

Well, with the 1HR Bundle you can head off on quick getaways and enjoy a lot more camping and a lot less packing and pitching. Times for longer getaways will be slashed as well.

We've taken out all of the related editable and downloadable packing and pitching checklists and cheat-sheets from our Camping Kickstart Program and bundled them together at a crazy low price for you. 

Why? Because we know this the big bug-bear of many a tent camper, and something that puts a lot off camping altogether.


With more opportunity to go camping:

You can get the kids off the screens and out of the house

It's exhausting entertaining kids at home, but not entertaining them ends up in the screen battle. Kids will gladly swap the screen for the campsite.

You can take advantage of a good weather forecast

How many times have you looked at the weather and envied the campers and others in the great outdoors. Well, now you can be one of them.

You can enjoy precious quality time as a family

Have you felt that pang of working parent guilt? Being present but not present? Well not any more. Make it up to them tenfold with a quick camping getaway. 

Here's what you get!

Every camper needs good checklists, and here are my best ones for you.

The 1HR Pack

As well as a copy of the
1HR Pack E-book. 

You receive a one page editable checklist so you can edit the document to suit you.

Print it back to back with the Packing (gear) checklist on the right and they are your go-to lists for camping

Part image of the 1Hour Pack checklist
The 1HR Pitch 
Editable  Checklist 

Setting and packing up camp can also be a bit of a nightmare and defeat the purpose of our 1HR Pack.

So here are our one-pager task sheets to help you work through that process in a systematic manner and allocate the tasks amongst the capable and responsible ones.

Part Image of packing checklist
The 1HR Pack
Editable Checklist

Every camper needs a good checklist, and we've made our personal copy available.

But as everyone is different, we've made it editable, so you can make it yours.

Print it back to back with the 1HR Pack checklist and they are your go-to lists for camping.

Mockup images of setting up camp and packing up camp task lists


You will also receive the following bonuses

Bonus 1
The Small Space Storage Solution

Camping gear is notoriously bulky and has the reputation for taking up half the garage. But it doesn't have to.

We'll share with you our personal system for storing all of our camping gear in an area that takes up 1.5m2 of floor space.

This is great if you live in a smaller home, even an apartment, but it's equally useful for any other tent camper as well. Just because you have the space doesn't mean you have to fill it! 

Bonus 2
Related emails
(not avail to public)

We love nothing more than to help you to get out there and go camping.

But we recognise that there are a lot of moving parts in the 1HR Pack that require a lot of organisation. You might start off well but then fall away.

That's why we will be sending you regular email prompts to help you stay organised and keep enjoying those getaways at short notice (and of course you can unsubscribe :)

Bonus 3
Lifetime access
including updates 

This is a program we will be developing into the future and updating as we come up with new ideas.

As an earlybird, you will receive lifetime access and updates.

This will be limited to the early birds.

All for just AU$35

Meet Jo Simon

Jo Simon is an accountant by profession and is a current member of Chartered Accountants ANZ . She started out in private practice before moving into the not-for-profit sector where she worked in senior financial and business management and corporate governance roles for over 20 years.

She now has combined those skills, her desire to help people and her love of camping with her family to help others families experience the many benefits of camping through SetToCamp.com.

She sounds pretty dull doesn't she so far. Yes I've hijacked this about me section. The seed for this program grew from a pretty dismal camping experience we had when we first camped with our then 5-month old son over 10 years ago, which wasn't help by a record rainfall event.

It appeared that in order to camp comfortably a family needed at least a trailer, as all our friends had them, and had great camping setups as a result. We didn't have one and didn't want, and had a pretty ordinary setup.

So, I essentially set about putting together a camping setup that would rival that of our friends and most other tent camping setups, without the need for a trailer to haul it. And now I am sharing that and my other learnings over the years with you guys to help other families who are in the same boat (or tent) or are experiencing any other barriers to camping.