Partner with us

Our vision is for families and beginner campers to be informed and equipped for comfortable and responsible camping and safe travelling - trailer free.

Orange ants cropped rWe believe that we can make camping and its many benefits more accessible to beginners and families through the provision of the information, tools and resources on our site, and with regard to our camping philosophy.

A partnership with Set to Camp can take many forms, and your business can benefit from partnering with us in a number of ways:

Camping and related product retailers will gain access to a market of individuals and families new to camping. While part of our philosophy is to be budget conscious, naturally, many of our members will eventually progress to other related markets, including camper trailers, caravans, 4-wheel driving and more specialised camping products.

Hosts, campground managers and land managers will benefit from new campers to the market, and also from our focus on responsible and eco-friendly camping through the various practical and hands on tools and resources on our site.

Employers will benefit from a happier and more productive workforce because of the greater accessibility their employees will have to camping and its many benefits.

The automotive industry will have the opportunity to engage with new campers seeking a suitable vehicle for trailer-free camping. They will also value our tools and resources designed to help people to choose an appropriate vehicle for their circumstances, and to travel safely.

Organisations working with families and individuals interested in, or who could benefit from, camping will appreciate the hands-on tools and resources available on our site, especially in relation to cost effective camping, safe travel and overcoming the limitations on camping associated with higher density living and smaller properties.

If you would like to discuss how we can work together for mutual benefit, please get in touch. We would love to meet you.