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Want to take the kids camping but don't know where to start?

Priority Camping Kickstart Program

Are you looking to enjoy a break with the kids these summer holidays and give them the adventure the whole family will love you for?

Why not take them camping? It's gets you out into the great outdoors, it's great for everyone's mental and physical health, you see new and interesting places, and the kids just love it.

But if you've never camped before, there is no doubt that the thought of taking the kids camping can be a pretty daunting experience.

Where to start, what to take, all of that packing, pitching and unpacking, and the weather! Do you have the right kind of car, do you need a trailer and do you have enough storage space?

Add to that the time it takes to get all of this together and it's no wonder so many busy parents organise something else for their family holidays.

If you want a hassle free start to your family camping adventures, then join our Priority Camping Kickstart Program.

Who Is the Kickstart Priority Program For?

This program is right for you if you are:

  • Time-poor parents
  • A 4-5-person family 
  • A camping beginner, or at least family camping beginner 


  • You want a customised supported solution tailored to you
  • You are keen to act now and work through the program over the period estimated to be around 14 days

What is this program about:
 The trailer free roadmap

Over several years we have developed and refined the optimal trailer-free camping setup to cater for most 4-5 person families.

And by trailer free, we mean a camping setup that can be transported safely and comfortably by some mid-size cars and many larger vehicles on the market without the need for a trailer. If you have a trailer or access to one, however, that's fine as well.

While we have based this program on our personal camping setup, you can certainly create something uniquely yours.

Image of car packed and 3 setups

In our Kickstart Priority Program, we work directly with you through the program on a one-on-one basis through the following has eight steps:

1: Planning

We help you plan the right kind of trailer-free camping setup to suit your budget, preferred camping style, relevant hobbies and interests, plans and practical matters about your circumstances. You can record your plan in the provided workbook and we also help you develop a spending plan with the spreadsheet provided.

Image of cover of camping kickstart planning module workbook

2: Your Camping Setup

We help you put together the right kind of camping setup to suit you, including sourcing your camping gear with our Kickstarter Kit, buying guides, tips, and links to source the right products.

Image of 4 camping setups 1) Marquee and small tent, 2) Touring tent with wall panel accessories for extra room 3) Tent and screen room, 4) Tent and tarp

In this process, we will develop a list of the items you will need, considering the type of vehicle you will use (see point 3 below). 

3: Your Vehicle

We help you choose the right kind of vehicle to suit your circumstances, particularly your camping setup. If, as is commonly the case, you don't have the right type of vehicle, we can help you choose an alternative solution, such as through hiring/rental arrangements.

The provided Car Buying Checklist and Weight of Car Load Calculator will help you find your ideal vehicle.

Mock-up image of car buying checklist

4: Home Storage Solution

 We show how you can store your camping gear in a relatively small space measuring 1.5m2 of floor space and additional options. Your gear will always be well organised and ready for a quick camping getaway.

Image of empty and full storage unit for camping gear

5: Packing The Car

We give you our plan for packing and loading the car in an efficient and timely manner and can be available online to help you personally work through the process.

Car loaded with camping gear and bikes driving

6: Preparing And Packing For Camping

We have resources, checklists and cheat sheets to help you to prepare and pack for a camping trip so that you save time and nothing important will be left behind or forgotten.

Mockup image of Packing and preparing for camping checklists

7: Campsite Set Up And Pack Up Processes

We have checklists to help you work through your campsite setup and packup process as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Mockup images of setting up camp and packing up camp task lists

8: Returning Home

There are essential things to do on your return home before crashing on the couch for a well-earned rest. 

One-on-One Support

This is an individually supported program starting from the day of signup until your first camping experience. Our goal is to help you to achieve your desired camping setup and to have an enjoyable camping experience.  

Support and the Campus Membership

In addition to the Trailer-free Camping Roadmap and the one-to-one support, you will receive 12-months membership of The Campus, including:

  • Group Q&A sessions
  • Private forum as well as a member-only Facebook group
  • Access to The Campus library of over 70 resources covering eco-friendly camping, the weather, camping health and safety, tips and hacks. And there is more to come.

Eligibility for the program

We only take a limited number of clients who are keen to act now.

The outcome for you

  • You and your family can be enjoying the many benefits of camping in as little as 14 days.
  • You will have a great camping setup to rival that of most tent camping setups at the campgrounds.
  • You will be able to travel safely knowing you have the right vehicle for your load and have packed and loaded it as safely as possible.
  • You will save hours and hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars by avoiding the usual trial and error and buying the wrong gear.
  • You will be part of a like-minded, eco-friendly, trailer-free community.
  • You will have access to regular support.

But hurry, places are limited.

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