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Congratulations! We have four great camping setup options for you to choose from.

But firstly, the purpose of this quiz is to show you the types of camping setups we think we can help you to put together, especially if you are a family or group of up to five wishing to camp without the need for a trailer. If you have one, that's fine, but you may not need one. 

As you are new to camping, this is an ideal opportunity for you to start building up the kind of camping setup that will give you many happy years of camping.

So, without further ado, here are your quiz results! And if you have any questions, feel free to let me know.

Quiz Results: Your Ideal Camping Setups

With plenty of space to dry out wet tents and store gear, trailers and caravans, and only one-two of you camping, you have plenty of camping setup options. While camper trailers and caravans might be in the mix for you, for the purpose of this quiz, we are just looking at tents.

We generally break down the style of camping setup into three categories: All-in-one tent and shelter, separate tent and marquee / gazeebo, and a tent with accessories to extend the living room and undercover shelter.

And the good news is, you have a choice of all three. See further notes below.

TARP AND TENT: A great budget setup is the tarp and tent. All you need is the tarp and 6 poles together with a 4-6 person tent for sleeping and gear storage. Swags and smaller hiking style tents would work with the tarp as well. 

Image of dome tent and tarp shelter

TENT AND MARQUEE. This is a great little setup for a small group. Add side walls to the marquee for some weather protection, and you have a very economical setup.

Smaller tent and marquee

THE TOURER:  This  is a touring tent in it's basic form without the accessories added on. Perfect for quick stops when you don't want to set up the entire campsite with all of the annex walls and additional awnings.

Image of touring tent

LARGER ALL-IN-ONE TENTS are less expensive because you avoid the need for a lot of accessories. Styles range from dome to cabin style to these air tents (pictured) which are becoming popular because they are lighter in weight than a framed tent and are quick to pitch.

An air (inflatable) tet

Notes and suggestions

You will note I have included higher and lower budget options because often budgets change when you can see what is possible. Either camping isn't as expensive as you originally thought, or alternatively, you can buy better quality gear with more confidence having see what is possible.

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And How We Can Help You Further

Camping Trailer Free

A big part of what we offer here at SetToCamp.com is around camping trailer free, especially for families of up to 5. Because not everyone has the option, or wants to, tow something in order to have a memorable family camping experience. Even if you have a trailer or caravan, sometimes it's nice to leave it behind and lighten up!

That said, there is something here for ever family new to camping, big or small, trailer or no trailer.

So, if you want to schedule a call with me, I'll help you map out a plan going forward. We can delve more into what's getting in your way, how spot on the quiz was in terms of your ideal camping setup, whether trailer free camping would be right for you and if not what next.

Image of car packed and on the road
Image of touring tent and extenda awning

Meet Jo Simon

Hi there, I hope this camping setup quiz has inspired you to get out there and go camping.

I started this website with the view to help break down the barriers to camping for urban families for whom trailers and caravans are not an option. More and more families are living in urban environments, but over 90% of camping families tow something. So there are a lot of "would be" camping families who are not camping.

If you are one of them, then you are absolutely in the right place. For a relatively small fee, if you want to go with a tried and tested solution and save many hours of your time, and hundreds of dollars, if not more, then book a call for a chat in the link below. Because there is so much more in there than what you see above.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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