About our setup

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Our trailer free camping setup

Our trailer-free camping setup will suite a family of up to 4-5. You will find that our basic camping setup:
  • Provides for comfortable and cozy sleeping arrangements
  • Has good outdoor shelter
  • Has a well equipped kitchen with good bench space
  • Is customizable for short and long stay camping as well as touring
  • Is compact in it’s packed up size for transporting by car
  • Can be comfortably and safely transported by some mid-size and most larger SUV's, 4-wheel drives and wagons on the market
  • Is fairly quick to pack, pitch and pack up
  • Can be easy to store at home
  • Is resourceful and efficient
  • Caters for most budgets

As well as helping you put together a camping setup that suits you and your personal circumstances, we will also provide you with a wealth of information, tips and tricks to help improve your camping experience.  See our membership benefits section for more on this.

How long will it take?

Once you get started, if you have the time you could have your camping gear together within a few weeks and get on with it. Especially if you are starting from scratch, you will need to dedicate a reasonable amount of time look through our website, decide on your particular camping setup and source your camping gear. Some items will be pretty easy to locate while may not be so easy.

Alternatively, you might not be in such a hurry and be happy to put together your trailer-free camping setup over a longer period in readiness for when you need it. You can make your purchases now knowing they are part of a long term plan and an investment in your future camping holidays. No more random ill thought out or stab in the dark purchases that end up in the surplus box.

Our aim is to remove many of the barriers to family camping and touring and to help you to maximize your camping experience in the most efficient and cost effective way we know possible. We hope you enjoy your time with us but more importantly we are excited at the prospect of helping you and your family to camp comfortably and safely, trailer free, when you thought it wasn’t possible.